We just made a HUGE decision: Tweak the brand a bit. In our constant quest to make SoCal® better we asked a gazillion people what they thought about the logo, the brand, our hair, etc. The label feedback went from “it’s awesome” to “it looks cheap”. What the hell do we do with that?? Well, we researched what other brands were doing and hired a brand consulting firm. Being consultants, they were on the “looks cheap” side and said they could make all of our dreams come true for just a small fee*.

They drafted up a few ideas and we must say…they have a point. So, it’s possible that the next time you’re grabbing a bottle of your favorite spirit, it might look a little different…better…odd…righteous (we’re hoping for the latter). Please don’t be confused, we’re not changing our secret award-winning recipe, just the look of the bottle. Thanks to everyone for supporting the brand over the years, it’s been a wild ride and we can’t wait to take over the world!