SoCal Platinum Rum earns highest score ever awarded!

COSTA MESA, CA., January 17, 2020 — SoCal Silver Rum, a leading cocktail rum for Southern California lifestyle enthusiasts, made headlines when it earned a stunning 95 point “exceptional rating” from Beverage Industry News (BIN). This rating represents the highest score ever awarded to a light rum. BIN conducts an independent assessment utilizing their proprietary methodology known as the Liquor Rank™, where products are reviewed under specific tasting conditions by a panel of experts, which include: retail buyers, mixologists, journalists, industry professionals and spirit educators.  Each product submitted is evaluated and ranked in blind tastings ensuring that all ratings are unbiased. Participating brands scoring 80-100 points are showcased directly to 38,000 industry buyers, distributors, and media via BIN Magazine’s print and digital marketing platforms. Since 1934, BIN has been one of the most respected U.S. leaders in the Beverage Industry, building awareness and informing professionals of existing and upcoming brands.

SoCal Rum’s exceptional rating represents one of multiple accolades affirming the years spent developing its epic taste. SoCal’s top management’s responded to BIN’s rating: “We are honored and humbled that the industry’s trusted leader recognized us with such an amazing score. We think it’s the best cocktail rum on the planet, but learning that we received the highest score ever awarded to a light rum just blew us away!”

 SoCal Silver Rum is handcrafted in sunny Southern California. It all started in Costa Mesa with two dudes tired of celebrating with gnarly tasting rum. So, they set out on a quest to make the perfect cocktail rum. Four years later, they nailed it, and SoCal was born. The epic sunny taste comes from the finest ingredients with no added color or flavorings.

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