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It all started in Sunny Southern California with two friends that shared a passion for the sun, the ocean and rum. We love rum cocktails. Who doesn’t?  Nothing says pool party like a pitcher of MaiTais. But we were tired of light rums that tasted like nail polish remover. Our goal was simple: make the world’s best light rum. Four years and countless recipes later, we believe we’ve accomplished just that.  A rum so smooth and pure it deserves to be called Platinum.

Our award-winning taste is made with responsibly farmed virgin sugar cane, deep-well water and some magic from Mother Nature…that’s it. SoCal is gluten free with undertones of tropical citrus and ocean spray. Handcrafted in Sunny Southern California with a small-batch process that sustains the complex flavor profile. SoCal Rum was awarded 95 points, the highest score ever awarded to a light rum!

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