Our passion is making incredible rum and nothing else. Have you ever been to a distillery that makes whiskey, vodka, bourbon, gin and…rum? We see it all the time. The whiskey is good but everything else is just sort of OK and the rum is down right nasty. Why? It’s simple really; distillery equipment is manufactured to make a specific type of spirit. Most distilleries spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment and simply can’t afford a separate setup for each type of spirit, so they make rum with the wrong equipment.

If you see a still with a large round bulb-shaped head, it’s designed specifically for whiskey. Make vodka or rum in it and things just don’t work. If you see a really tall still with small circular glass windows, it’s made for neutral spirits like vodka. A true rum still has three different wide chambers, it’s not that tall, nor does it have a round bulb-like head. Our stills are designed and dedicated to making rum. We don’t make whiskey or vodka or gin because it wouldn’t be the best, the taste would be “off”. We want to do one thing, and do it really well.

Other rum producers use last-press (black-strap) molasses, fair quality water and filter with sand. We use the best ingredients; deep-well water, first-press virgin sugar cane and one-micron filters. In fact, we’re the ONLY spirit company we know of that spends more money on the liquid than the bottle. It’s always been our way, it’s our passion. Taste is more important than an extra 32 cents per bottle profit. Don’t get us wrong, we need to turn a profit to stay alive but we won’t do it at the expense of quality.

Only the coolest people truly appreciate and enjoy rum, you’re in the right crowd!