Pacific Island Iced Tea

Looking for the perfect cocktail to enjoy at the end of a long day, or to enjoy with friends or family for a special occasion? Our Pacific Island Iced Tea Recipe fits the bill! Delicious, refreshing, and sure to pack a punch, the official Southern California version of the Long Island is one that you’re sure to love.


Fill cocktail shaker with ice and add:
1.5 oz of SoCal Platinum Rum
1.5 oz of Vodka
1.5 oz of Triple Sec
1.5 oz of Gin
.75 oz of Tequila
1.5 oz of Orange Juice
Splash of Coca Cola (to taste)

Replace lid on cocktail shaker, and shake the mixture vigorously, until frothy.
Strain into a glass filled with ice (preferably a Collins Glass, as pictured), and garnish with orange or lemon slice, and a perfect Maraschino Cherry (if you’re cool like that).