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SoCal Silver Rum takes the Gold!

Press release

SoCal Silver Rum, the leading cocktail rum for Southern California enthusiasts, made headlines when it was awarded a Gold Medal in the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC).  Founded in 2000, this competition is considered the most influential spirits contest in the world and recognizes exceptional products in the spirits category.  Per the SFWSC, a Gold Medal is awarded to products that are "near the pinnacle of achievement in their particular category," and also "set the standard for all others of their type."  

This prestigious award is affirmation of the years spent perfecting the recipe.  Management said in a statement, "we would have been honored to get a bronze, our minds were blown when we heard it was a gold. We think it’s the best but hearing that a distinguished panel of experts, like SFWSC give it high praise as well, now that is epic!"


The 2019 Competition was the biggest in its history featuring more than 3,000 entries. The SFWSC is considered to be the most influential spirits competition in the world. The judges of the 2019 Competition are established spirits-industry experts.

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SoCal isn’t just a rum, it’s a lifestyle and an attitude. A day at the beach, conquering that trail on your mountain bike, killing it on your skateboard, hanging out at a music festival or just chilling with good friends. 

SoCal is the perfect way to celebrate that perfect day. Please savor SoCal responsibly, we want you around for your next perfect day!

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We only make rum...the best f'n rum you'll ever drink! 

SoCal Silver Rum

Perfection. Always.

We care about you and the Earth, so most of the ingredients in our rum are certified non-GMO. Only one ingredient isn't certified yet but we're working to fix that, so soon we'll be able to say 100% non-GMO.  After all, who wants to drink gene-splicing?! Blech!

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Can't find the amazing SoCal rum at your local store yet? Ask the manager to stock it for you and your friends. After you ask a few times they will either stock it or tell you to stop stalking them. SoCal is worth the risk...Never give up, never surrender!

If that doesn't work (or they asked you to leave) we can ship our delicious rum to almost any door in the continental United States. Preference on doors with a house or apartment attached.

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