Memo from Costa Mesa Distilling Group, LLC makers of the world’s highest rated light rum…SoCal!

We know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting SoCal Rum’s response to the COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus or that f*cking stupid idiotic virus that’s completely jacking up my quality party time). We want to inform you, the most righteous of peeps, of the precautionary and proactive steps we’re taking to be safe and address this unprecedented crazyness.


Our website,, is completely virus free. We’ve been disinfecting it regularly and spraying air freshener to keep our webserver in a great mood. Recently, we added a few sandalwood based Earth friendly candles made by “Get A Whiff Co” and let us tell you it’s purring like a kitten! Also of note; Our IT guy literally never leaves his house so you can rest easy knowing your online experience will be about as germ-free as possible (seriously, the IT guy said he’s maybe interacted with 13 people in the past 9 months). So, feel free to surf to your hearts content in a safe and worry-free environment where you can learn about the world’s highest rated light rum, read funny recipes and find out how to bring some of that SoCal sunshine home to enjoy with a friend…actually you better buy two #SocialDistancing.

We’re closely monitoring the situation and taking immediate action. Any employee showing ANY sign of sickness, even a cough because it “went down the wrong pipe,” will be fired immediately and all of their personal effects will be burned in that 55 gallon drum out by the chemical shed (the CLEANING chemical shed, we’d NEVER put ANY chemicals, colors, flavors or artificial sh*t in your delicious rum).

We have also thrown out all holistic, natural hand sanitizers and have moved to sulfuric acid and the strongest commercial bleach that money can buy. If the Poison Control center doesn’t have a warning about on the home page of their website, we’re using it!


If you’re going to be stuck at home, you may as well make the most of it

Did you know you could be lounging around or working out AND look like a total Rockstar at the same time? Well you can because SoCal offers a wide array of everything from surfer dress shoes to hoodies to yoga pants to towels to…well you get the point.  Our highly curated Quarantine Collection makes working from home feel like you’re at a day spa even if you ran out of toilet paper and food three days ago.

In all seriousness, this is a crucial time to support local businesses. The big boxes have the cash reserves to weather this storm, few local businesses do. Rather than running through the drive-thru, get great local food to go. Drizly can deliver SoCal Rum…or other stuff… right to your front door. Many local markets and liquor stores offer delivery and please remember to tip your delivery driver. Things will get better; it’s going to be ok and we have nothing but love for all of you…we’re sending positive vibes & prayers out nightly!

Stay Sane Friends,

-The Team at Costa Mesa Distilling Group, LLC